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Patient Story

“A telehealth video visit is a great alternative to an in-person appointment, especially for someone like me who has trouble getting around. I have really severe vertigo, so every time I get into a vehicle I get nauseous at the very least. By the time I get to my doctor’s office, I’m usually so preoccupied with not feeling well that it’s hard for me to even focus. Then, I’m so worn out from the entire experience that the whole next day or two is spent recuperating.

Telehealth is so much better for my circumstances. I can actually focus because I’m not feeling sick from the car ride. It really felt like a quality visit for me, instead of just getting there and trying to get through it. Plus, the staff at St. Luke's was so helpful in setting up the technology side of things. I would recommend telehealth video visits to others because they’re so efficient and convenient. ”
-Clare D., St. Luke’s patient