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Cancer Care

Your fight against cancer starts here

At St. Luke’s Regional Cancer Center, we have hand-selected cancer experts from some of the most prestigious oncology programs in the nation. While these physicians came here with a diverse mix of training and experience, they all share the same commitment and passion for treating your cancer with all of their minds—and all of their hearts.

Together, these physicians and the excellent staff of St. Luke’s Regional Cancer Center work together as one, aligned for the purpose of treating your cancer in the most effective way possible.

Our Team and Services
St. Luke’s Regional Cancer Center provides comprehensive, coordinated care throughout treatment and rehabilitation. Depending on the type of cancer and its progression, treatment may involve surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy or a combined approach.

We monitor each patient closely to track the effectiveness of the treatment, make adjustments when necessary, and provide one-on-one physical rehabilitation therapy to help patients regain their strength and mobility.

Support Services
St. Luke’s Regional Cancer Center is dedicated to helping patients and caregivers navigate the life-changing challenges of cancer. A cancer diagnosis can be as difficult for family members and loved ones as for the patient. It may cause feelings of fear, depression, guilt, resentment, denial, and stress. Spouses, partners, friends, or relatives may need to take on multiple roles and responsibilities, including caregiver, homemaker, primary parent, sole income earner, and driver. Treatment may last months, or in some cases years, depleting finances and radically changing the family’s routine.

At St. Luke’s Regional Cancer Center, we try to address every concern, question, and need, so patients and loved ones can focus on what matters most—their health.

St. Luke’s does not require a referral for this service. To see if your insurance company requires one, call the number on your card.

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