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Work Comp Evaluations

Evaluate and document work-related injuries

A work comp evaluation, also known as a workers' compensation evaluation, is a medical assessment conducted to evaluate and document the extent of a work-related injury or illness. Work ability documentation will be provided on the same day as the appointment. This is something that companies need in a timely manner.

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A work comp evaluation will include:

  • An assessment of the injured worker's medical condition
  • An assessment of the injured worker’s medical history
  • An examination of any relevant diagnostic tests or imaging results.

The purpose of a work comp evaluation is to determine the extent of the injury or illness, establish a link between the condition and the workplace, and provide documentation that can support a workers' compensation claim. The evaluation helps determine the appropriate compensation, medical treatment, rehabilitation services, and any work restrictions or accommodations that may be necessary for the injured worker's recovery and return to work.

Work comp evaluations are an essential part of the workers' compensation process, ensuring that injured employees receive the necessary care and support while protecting the rights of both the worker and the employer.

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