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Financial Services

Insurance, Billing and Financial Assistance


Most insurance companies require that you notify them when you are admitted to the hospital. Many expect patients to notify them ahead of time for a planned procedure or treatment. If you are undergoing emergency care, the insurance company must be contacted within 24 hours of admission. St. Luke's will work with you to contact your insurance company. We make a copy of your insurance card and will need to confirm your admission information.

About Your Bill

We realize that hospital bills can be complex, and we want to help you understand your bill and insurance coverage. We also want to help ensure that you receive the maximum benefits allowed under your insurance policy. If the charges will be paid by an insurance company or HMO, they will be billed first. If you are covered by more than one policy, the insurance companies will determine how to divide payment. You will not receive a statement until the insurance company makes payment. Any remaining balance will be your responsibility. St. Luke’s will send you a bill for the balance. We may contact you if we need assistance while working with the insurance company.

If you have questions regarding your bill, call the Business Office at 218.249.5340.


For information about our chargemaster visit:
St. Luke's Chargemaster or Lake View Chargemaster

Financial Assistance Program

For information about our Financial Assistance Program visit:
St. Luke's Financial Assistance Program or Lake View Financial Assistance Program


915 East First Street
Duluth, MN 55805
Business Office 218.249.5340
Financial Counseling Office 218.249.5340 or 866.303.5340


​St. Luke’s has partnered with MedData to provide free help for uninsured patients who have medical expenses at St. Luke’s. MedData helps patients find the most appropriate assistance from a variety of resources to help pay for medical bills. You may be referred to MedData, or MedData may reach out to you if you have had recent visits and no insurance on file, or were identified with additional coverage needs by a financial counselor. Call 866.534.6703.