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Occupational Drug and Breath Alcohol Testing

Comprehensive testing for drugs and alcohol in the Twin Ports

Drug and Breath Alcohol Testing (BAT) is a procedure conducted to detect the presence of drugs and alcohol in an individual's system. It is commonly used in various settings, such as workplaces, organizations and law enforcement agencies, to ensure safety and compliance.

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Drug testing involves collecting a specimen, usually urine, and analyzing it for the presence of illicit drugs or controlled substances. This helps identify individuals who may be using drugs that could impair their performance or pose risks to themselves and others.

Breath Alcohol Testing (BAT) measures the concentration of alcohol in a person's breath using a breathalyzer device. It provides a quick and non-invasive method to determine whether an individual has consumed alcohol and assesses their level of impairment.

Both drug and BAT testing play a crucial role in maintaining safety and integrity in various environments.

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