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Cardiac Rehabilitation

Restoring your heart and vascular health

St. Luke's Cardiac Rehabilitation Program can help you recover after a heart attack, surgery or other cardiac event. Our experienced team works with you one-on-one, tailoring your recovery plan to restore your strength and independence.

Staffed by St. Luke's exercise physiologists, dietitians, nurses and psychologists, our program offers:

  • Medical assessment, goal-setting strategies and education
  • Nutritional counseling and weight management
  • Inpatient monitored aerobic exercise and strength training
  • Outpatient monitored exercise and education
  • Stress management training
  • Smoking cessation support
  • Support groups

Personalized Plans for Fighting Heart Disease
Heart disease is a prevalent problem worldwide, but not one that we are powerless to fight. Most cases of heart disease can be improved with lifestyle changes, and our cardiac rehab program helps patients learn healthy habits to keep the heart strong.

The most common form of heart disease is atherosclerosis. This is a condition that describes large buildup of artery plaque that lines the insides of blood vessels. Excessive amounts of artery plaque make it harder for blood to move efficiently and could result in a blood clot. It is rare for atherosclerosis to have any noticeable symptoms, so most people do not even realize they have it until a heart attack or other cardiac event occurs. However, by keeping up with your blood pressure, heart rate and other factors, you and your doctor can monitor your cardiovascular health and take steps to prevent complications.

Referral required for this service. If you need one, talk to your primary care provider.

To establish care with a St. Luke’s primary care provider, call 218.249.4000 or find a clinic near you.