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Parking & Directions Information

Navigating Aspirus St. Luke's campus

Below is a list of the best locations to park, depending on which building your appointment is in. Aspirus St. Luke's campus is made up of six buildings. On campus signage and maps, each building has its own color.

For example, on maps and signage, Building A is green. If you have an appointment in this building, you’ll look for green signage. You’ll park in the Building A Ramp (green) or lots at 1015 E 1st Street.

Is there construction on campus?

Yes, we are currently in Phase II of our Health Forward Initiative. The Northland/Hospital Ramp is closed for re-construction. For more information and construction updates, visit

Aspirus St. Luke's Campus Map

Aspirus St. Luke's Campus Map

Where should I park at Aspirus St. Luke's?

Each building has a parking lot or ramp. Here is where you should park:

Is there on campus parking assistance?

Yes! A parking booth is located at the entrance of our main patient parking lot at our Building A Lot. The attendant will help you find the best parking location based on what building your appointment is in. The attendant will also be able to call for a shuttle or a patient escort if you need assistance getting to your appointment.

How much does parking cost at Aspirus St. Luke's?

Parking in all Aspirus St. Luke's lots and ramps is free for patients and visitors.

What if I don’t know where my clinic is located on
Aspirus St. Luke's campus?

To find out what building your appointment is in, visit our Find a Clinic page and search for your clinic. If you know your provider’s name, but don’t know which clinic they’re in, visit our Providers page.

Still want some help?
Facility Assistants are available 24/7 to get you where you need to go. If you’d like to set up an escort with one, call 218.249.4940.