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Pharmacists in Duluth and Two Harbors

Our friendly and knowledgeable pharmacists are medication management experts. They work hard every day provide safe and effective medication use.

Where do pharmacists work at St. Luke’s?

Our pharmacists work in the following settings:

  • Hospital (inpatient)
  • Clinics (outpatient)
  • Community pharmacies

What do hospital pharmacists do?

Inpatient pharmacists help patients in the hospital by:

  • Reviewing and verifying medication orders
  • Preparing and approving doses of medications
  • Working with the patient's provider to develop and monitor medication therapies
  • Helping patients and nurses in the Infusion Therapy Center, Emergency Department, surgical areas and nursing units

What do clinic pharmacists do?

Outpatient pharmacists see patients 1:1 in St. Luke’s clinics to help patients with comprehensive medication management (CMM). This includes the following:

  • Reviewing all the medications patients are taking
  • Making sure the medications are working well together
  • Answering questions
  • Addressing side effects
  • Working with the patient’s provider to adjust medications, if needed

What do community pharmacists in a pharmacy do?

Pharmacists who work in St. Luke’s pharmacies help with the following:

  • Reviewing, filling and dispensing medication orders
  • Counseling patients on new medications
  • Giving immunizations

Where are St. Luke’s pharmacies located?

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