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About Whiteside Institute

The Whiteside Institute for Clinical Research performs Phase II, III and IV clinical trials. An experienced research staff guides the studies through every step, taking advantage of both the resources available and the large patient base. Principal investigators participating in clinical research have experience in a broad range of medical and surgical subspecialties, including acute and chronic diseases and benign and malignant conditions.


  • To promote and participate in clinical research using new technologies and treatments in order to learn more about normal and abnormal body function and the cause, progression, prevention, treatment and control of human disease
  • To encourage collaboration of basic and clinical investigators in the region
  • To assist health care professionals interested in research participation

Whiteside Institute Resources

  • Complete hospital laboratory
  • Investigational pharmacy
  • Workspace for monitors and patient visits
  • Molecular biology research laboratory equipped with laser dissection microscope
  • Clinicians/investigators and research subjects made up of St. Luke's Hospital, primary care clinics and specialty care clinics