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Visitor Policy

Updated 5/7/21

Inpatient and Emergency Department

Confirmed or Suspected COVID-19-Positive Patients

No visitors are allowed until patient is no longer in isolation (no longer contagious). Rare exceptions may be made by the healthcare team on an invitation-only basis (for example: patients at end-of-life, vulnerable adults needing help with communication or decision-making).

Visitor exceptions include:

  • Labor and delivery: One adult support person. If the patient has a doula, the doula will also be allowed.
  • Emergency Department: One adult visitor.
  • Pediatric: One parent/guardian.
  • End-of-life: Up to two visitors at a time, to a total of six per day (including minors, if supervised by an adult).

Once patient is out of isolation (no longer contagious), the visitor rules below apply.

Patients Without COVID-19
The following visitor rules apply to each patient category:

  • Adult, including Hospice (not end-of-life): Two adult visitors at a time, 8 am to 8:30 pm (Note: visitor hours are not limited in the Emergency Department).
  • Surgical & Procedural Care (Building A, Mariner Medical Clinic, Pavilion Surgery Center): One adult visitor at a time.
  • Mental Health: No visitors are allowed due to challenges with social distancing on the unit.
  • 8 West: Contact unit for visitor guidelines.
  • Labor and delivery: One adult support person. If the patient has a doula, the doula will also be allowed. In addition, one adult visitor at a time.
  • Pediatric/Newborns: Up to two parents/guardians.
  • Critically unstable: Up to two adult visitors at a time.
  • End-of-life: Up to two visitors at a time (including minors, if supervised by an adult).

Clinic and Outpatient (not including surgical/procedural patients; see above)

  • All clinic patients and outpatients: Up to two visitors at a time.

In addition, patients with disabilities that may include, but not be limited to, altered mental status, physical, intellectual or cognitive disability, communication barriers or behavioral concerns, who need assistance due to the specifics of their disability, may have one designated support person with them to support their disability-related needs in any St. Luke’s location.

St. Luke’s will provide reasonable accommodations for individuals with disabilities.

Clergy/Spiritual Leaders
Clergy/spiritual leaders may visit all patients, and St. Luke’s chaplains are also available to support patients and families.

Requirements For All Visitors
The following requirements for all visitors will be strictly enforced. Visitors must:

  • Not be awaiting a COVID-19 test result or have tested positive for COVID-19 in the past 14 days.
  • Not have been asked to quarantine because of potential exposure to COVID-19.
  • Not have any COVID-19 symptoms.
  • Agree to properly wear an approved mask over their nose and mouth during their entire visit.
  • Agree to leave immediately if they fail to comply with these rules.