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COVID-19 Information

How can I get the COVID-19 vaccine?

St. Luke’s COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic is located at the corner of 9th Avenue E. and E. 1st Street on St. Luke's main campus in downtown Duluth.

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Should I get tested for COVID-19?

  • Yes, if you have COVID-19 symptoms.
  • Yes, if you have been exposed to someone with COVID-19.
  • Yes, if you have been instructed to be tested by a healthcare provider.

If you need more guidance, use this screening tool to find out if you should get tested.

If you are unsure about your symptoms, visit for a free virtual evaluation and use the code COVID19 at checkout.

If you would like to get tested (whether or not you have symptoms or a known contact), see below for testing options.

Where can I get tested for COVID-19?

For people with symptoms, known contacts or a provider order:

For people who want to be tested, whether or not they have symptoms or a known contact:

What should I do while I’m waiting for my results?

You should stay home and self-isolate until you receive your results. Additional guidance.

What should I do if I’m sick?

You should stay home and self-isolate. Use this tool to find out if you should be tested. Additional guidance if you or a family member are sick.

Are there any treatment options for high risk patients?

Monoclonal antibodies can be given to high-risk, COVID-positive patients to help reduce the risk of hospitalization and emergency room visits. Learn more about this treatment here.

What if I have more questions?

COVID-19 is a highly contagious respiratory disease with a wide range of symptoms. If you are experiencing respiratory distress, go to St. Luke's Emergency Department or call 911.