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Patient and Medication Safety

Patient Safety

Patient safety is a top priority at Aspirus St. Luke's, and we have a number of processes in place in our clinics to ensure the safety and security of our patients.

  • Accreditation. Safety and quality of care are at the heart of high-quality institutions, and as an accredited hospital, Aspirus St. Luke's has met the rigorous quality and safety requirements of our industry.
  • Board-Certified Physicians. Aspirus St. Luke's physicians are board certified, meaning they have voluntarily gone through the board-certification process to demonstrate competency in their specialty.
  • Continuing Education. All Aspirus St. Luke's health care professionals participate in continuing medical education to meet the standards of their specialty.

Medication Safety

Partnering with You

At Aspirus St. Luke's, our staff—physicians, nurses and pharmacists—is highly trained in the safe dispensation and use of medications. We have many safety checks in place, and as a patient, you play a role in medication safety. Knowing your medications, taking the right medication, in the right dose, at the right time, is a key component in managing your health and well-being. Use this checklist to ensure the safe use of medications.