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Surgical Technologist

Surgical Technologist smiling in a surgery hallway at Aspirus St. Luke's in Duluth, MN

Surg tech careers in Duluth, MN

Aspirus St. Luke's is looking for surgical technologists who are highly skilled and passionate about joining us in our Mission: The Patient. Above All Else.

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What do surgical technologists (surg techs) do?

Surgical technologists (surg techs) play a crucial role in the operating room to ensure smooth surgical procedures and patient safety. Their responsibilities include:

  • Preparing the operating room
  • Assisting with patient preparation
  • Assisting the surgical team
  • Maintaining a sterile environment
  • Managing surgical instruments
  • Monitoring equipment

Are there growth opportunities for surg techs?

Yes. There are several opportunities for surg techs to grow. They can pursue specialized certifications in areas such as orthopedics, cardiovascular surgery or neurosurgery. With additional education and experience, surg techs can also become certified surgical first assistants (CSFAs). CSFAs can actively assist surgeons during procedures, suture incisions, and provide other surgical assistance.

Further education can be pursued as well, such as an associate or bachelor’s degree in surgical technology or a related field. This can open doors to supervisory, teaching or administrative roles.

How do I become a surg tech?

To be employed as a surg tech at Aspirus St. Luke's, you are required to be a graduate from an accredited Surgical Technologist program. Licensure or certification should include BLS Certification with a designation of either BLS Provider or Healthcare Provider from either the American Heart Association or American Red Cross or Military Training Network. Preferred qualifications include a minimum of one (1) year of surgical technologist work experience, and holding the CST (Certified Surgical Technologist) certification is highly desirable.

Locally, Lake Superior College offers a program for surgical technology.

Why Duluth?

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Loved for its unique topography and location on the tip of Lake Superior, Duluth is a renowned outdoor city that has something for everyone.

From engaging cultural activities, to being an outdoor lover's playground, Duluth offers something for everyone. Learn more about Duluth.

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