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Nursing Student Opportunities

Internships and experience for the next generation of nurses

Hands-on learning is essential for becoming a great nurse. That’s why Aspirus St. Luke's offers several opportunities for nursing students.

Does Aspirus St. Luke's offer nursing internships?

Yes! Many nursing students choose to complete an internship at Aspirus St. Luke's during their summer break and during the school year.

Are nurse internships paid?

Absolutely. Student nurses receive a competitive salary.

We also offer an early-hire stipend program. Students can receive monthly payments while still in school if they make a commitment to work at St. Luke’s after graduating and passing their NCLEX. This is available to both interns and non-interns.

How many hours can I work during an internship?

Typically, during summer internships our interns work at least a .6 FTE, or 24 hours a week. During the school year, interns work at least a 0.1 FTE, or 8 hours every two weeks.

We support students in prioritizing their coursework. So, we’re flexible with schedules. This way, students can be on site and have the chance to apply what they’re learning in school, while still having the time to succeed in their classes.

What units can I intern with?

We offer a full range of areas for students to get experience in, including:

  • Critical Care (Cardiac, Critical Care Float Pool, and ICU)
  • Emergency Department
  • Med-Surg (Float Pool, Gen Medical, Gen Surg-Ortho, Inpatient Rehab, Neuro and Oncology)
  • Mental Health
  • Maternal Child Health
  • Surgical Services

If you’re interested in an area that you don’t see listed here, just talk to us! We’ll see what we can do.

How is an internship structured?

A student intern is assigned to an RN preceptor. This RN will serve as a mentor, offering valuable insight and guidance as the student gains hands-on experience. However, while a student will mainly work with one preceptor, every RN on the unit will offer additional support and guidance by teaching, answering questions and welcoming the student into their world.

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Why Aspirus St. Luke's?

At Aspirus St. Luke's, we have a deep appreciation for RN interns and the unique value they bring to our hospital. We love investing in the future of nursing by encouraging students’ growth and strive to create a fulfilling and supportive experience for them at every step of their journey.

“I loved working side by side with a nurse gaining experience so I can feel comfortable doing things on my own. As interns we’re not just shadowing, watching someone do their job. We’re hands-on, applying the skills we’ve been learning in the classroom. I could give medications, communicate with patients, and analyze results. It was very valuable to practice those skills.”

- MacKenzie, Critical Care RN Intern

What is it like to work as a nurse at Aspirus St. Luke's?

We offer a warm and supportive environment where our nurses are valued, and their growth is encouraged so they have the opportunity to thrive.

Hear from our RN team on why they like being part of Aspirus St. Luke's!

Are there any other job opportunities for hands-on experience?

Yes! Check out our careers webpage for other opportunities to gain valuable hands-on experience. This includes opportunities like Nursing Assistant, Patient Intake Assistant, Telemonitor Assistant, and a Health Unit Coordinator.

Volunteer opportunities are also available for college students.

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