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Jessica, Physical Therapist

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“I’m a Proctor High School graduate myself,” said Jessica Wojtysiak, PT, DPT, “so practicing at St. Luke’s Proctor Fitness Center has been a really unique experience. It’s familiar, and there’s a small-town feel that I love. There’s also a lot of new faces to get to know. I really like that dynamic.”

Jessica was also an athlete at Proctor High School, so she really appreciates how this location makes physical therapy very accessible for students. “The fact that they can get physical therapy right where they go to school removes a huge barrier,” she said. “The quicker they can get in, the quicker they can get back to their sport. Go Proctor Rails!”

Physical therapy is also available to community members at this location, creating better access for all Proctor residents. “In addition to students, I work with a lot of local weekend warriors,” she said. “They’re trail-runners, mountain bikers, hikers – your typical Duluthians. I love helping them get back out there, too.”

Thank you, Jessie, for helping the Proctor community stay healthy and active!

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