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Dr. Christopher Delp, Emergency Medicine

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Optimistic, empathetic and professional. This is how Dr. Christopher Delp, a St. Luke’s emergency medicine physician, is often described by his patients and colleagues. “I try to bring empathy to every patient interaction I have,” Dr. Delp said. “I want to listen to my patients, understand where they’re coming from, and answer their questions in a thoughtful and empathetic way.”

As part of his work, Dr. Delp administers monoclonal antibody treatments to COVID-19 patients. “These treatments are lifesaving,” he said, “but I still see a lot of fear surrounding them. I think it is incredibly important to establish trust with my patients so that they understand their treatment options and feel comfortable with their choice.”

“This treatment is very time sensitive,” Dr. Delp said. “The emergency team always goes the extra mile to ensure that patients receive care when they are in the correct time window.”

“This is a great team,” Dr. Delp smiled. “It’s an honor and a pleasure to work alongside them.”