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Summer, RN, Cardiology

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“We have amazing patients,” said Summer, a cardiology RN at St. Luke’s. “When we talk, it’s not just about their health. We get to know each other pretty well.”

However, building meaningful relationships isn’t just an added perk of Summer’s role. It’s a crucial part of how she cares for them. “There’s an emotional side to heart issues,” she said. “People don’t always know how to explain what’s going on with their body. Taking time to listen to what they are feeling both physically and emotionally is reassuring to them. They know they are being heard and that we are ready to help figure it out together.”

The compassionate culture at St. Luke’s is what drew Summer to St. Luke’s. “There’s a real sense of belonging here. People are warm and friendly,” she said. “That’s just the way we treat each other. So, it’s how we treat our patients too.”

Thank you, Summer, for compassionately caring for our patients!

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