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Carlee, Administrative Assistant

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“I remember being intimidated when I first interviewed for this position,” said Carlee. “But I quickly found out that St. Luke’s Executive Team is really down-to-earth. I have a lot of respect and appreciation for each of them.”

Carlee has been at St. Luke’s for 10 years. She started in the clinics, serving first as a patient account representative and then as a care coordinator. These experiences, combined with her role now at an administrative level, have given her a unique view of St. Luke’s and of the people who lead the organization.

“There’s a lot that goes into running a health system,” she said. “I see firsthand how dedicated our Executive Team is. I also see how much they care, both about our patients and everyone who works here. So, every day I do whatever I can to make their jobs easier. I’m happy to be part of their team.”

Thank you, Carlee, for all the support you provide to our Executive Team!

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