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Paul, RN, ICU

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“We get to meet some really interesting people,” said St. Luke’s Intensive Care Unit Nurse Paul, RN. “I love getting to know them and their families and hearing their stories.”

In the ICU, no two days are alike. This is one of the things Paul enjoys most about his work. “We’re helping people who are really sick,” he said. “There’s a lot of aspects to that and what each person needs is different. Being a nurse in the ICU is a great job if you enjoy variety and being on-the-go – which I do!”

Paul also enjoys the people he works with. “We have an awesome group of nurses and support staff here,” he said, “and overall at St. Luke’s, you can really tell that people genuinely care about each other. It’s a great place to work.”

Thank you, Paul, for caring for some of St. Luke’s most vulnerable patients with a great attitude!

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