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Spinal Cord Injury Care

Improving function and independence for those with paraplegia

Paraplegia, or partial paralysis, can dramatically change your day to day life. St. Luke’s Spinal Cord Injury Program helps adults who have paraplegia resulting from trauma, vascular accidents, infections and neuromuscular diseases. Our team comes alongside each individual in the program to make the physical and emotional adjustments needed for them to flourish.

This program covers many aspects of health and wellness after a spinal injury, including:

  • Activities of daily living
  • Bowel and bladder function
  • Mobility and exercise
  • Equipment needs
  • Nutrition
  • Community resources
  • Nursing care managed by registered nurses certified in rehabilitation
  • Driver rehabilitation program
  • Skin management
  • Sexuality
  • Cardiovascular and respiratory management
  • How to direct others in your care

For more information and admission questions, contact St. Luke's Case Coordinator at 218.249.5351.

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