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Tony, Clinic Manager

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“Our actions match our words at St. Luke’s,” said Tony Evans, Clinic Manager at St. Luke’s Mount Royal Medical Clinic. “A lot of organizations will talk about how they prioritize employee growth, but St. Luke’s actually does it. I’ve had several people act as mentors to me, and I haven’t even been here that long. That says a lot about our culture.”

In just three years, Tony’s career has flourished. He started in surgical services as a medical coder. After two years, he became the Clinic Supervisor at Mount Royal and a few months after that, he took on the Clinic Manager role. Now, he loves helping others advance their careers as well.

“We hire for heart,” he said. “We’re looking for people who are hardworking, teachable and passionate about helping others. That’s what’s important. Then, we help them find their perfect fit within the organization. That’s how it happened for me, and I want others to experience that as well.”

Thank you, Tony, for your commitment to helping others grow within St. Luke’s!

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