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Joy, Cleaning Attendant

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“If I have a friend looking for a job, I always tell them to apply at St. Luke’s,” said Joy, St. Luke’s Cleaning Attendant. “I’ve been here a long time and I like it a lot.”

Joy moved from the Philippines to the United States in 2006. Shortly after, her aunt who worked at St. Luke’s recommended that she apply at the hospital. “My English wasn’t very good yet, so I was nervous,” said Joy. “But everything ended up working out. They hired me right away!”

Joy says one of the best parts of her work is building relationships with patients. “You get to know people when they stay here. We become friends,” she said. “When they leave, I’m happy for them, but also sad to see them go. Sometimes people say things to me like, ‘Can you just come home with us?’ That makes the job really special.”

Thank you, Joy, for adding to the St. Luke’s family and being a light to patients!

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