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7 Proven Sinus Pain Remedies

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7 proven sinus pain remedies

You know the drain of sinus pain and pressure: sometimes even your teeth ache, your ears feel plugged, and your nose is stuffy or draining. So what causes sinus pain and how can you get relief?

Sinuses are hollow areas around your nose that produce mucus, which usually drains into the nose. But if your sinuses are blocked due to allergies, a respiratory virus or bacteria, it leads to discomfort and symptoms. Fun fact: sinus infections are rare in young children since the sinus cavities are not usually done developing till around 12 years of age.

The vast majority of sinus infections are viral, greater than 90%. Antibiotics can’t treat virus infections that cause sinus pain, yet there are things you can do to relieve sinus pain and pressure while your cold, allergies or other illness runs its course.

Try these seven tips to help with sinus pain and pressure:

  1. Put a warm compress over your nose and forehead to help relieve sinus pressure
  2. Flush your nasal passages with saline spray or washes through a neti pot, which thins the mucus and helps flush it out of your nasal passages
  3. Use a humidifier during dry months (ensure you keep it clean, since a dirty humidifier can breed mold that can trigger allergies)
  4. Breathe in steam from a steam room or shower; you can also lean over a bowl of hot water with a moist towel over your head
  5. Drink plenty of water to keep your sinuses moist
  6. Take acetaminophen, ibuprofen or naproxen to relieve pain
  7. Try a nasal spray called fluticasone (available over the counter) for 2-4 weeks, this can help decrease the swelling inside the nose

Know when to go in: If your sinus pain does not improve within a week or if you develop fevers (after the first 3 days of symptoms), call or come into St. Luke’s Urgent Care or Q Care Express Clinic. See your options for a visit here.