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Healthy Mom Safe Baby Program

Help for pregnant women involved in substance use

The goal of the Healthy Mom Safe Baby Program is to decrease prenatal exposure to substances, help moms become as healthy as they can be, and create safe homes. Participation is voluntary and will begin with moms meeting St. Luke’s Maternal Child Health Care Coordinator at a scheduled appointment.

From then on, the Care Coordinator will:

  • Make an individualized plan with mom
  • Help set up necessary appointments (OBGYN, primary care doctor or others)
  • Provide ongoing education and resources
  • Offer referrals for other services at St. Luke’s and in the community
  • Coordinate discharge planning after baby is born
  • Check in with mom by phone calls and text messages
  • Visit with mom and baby at follow-up appointments after birth
  • Help ensure the best possible outcome for both mom and baby

Mom and baby will remain in the program until baby’s first birthday. This helps make sure each mom has the support and resources needed throughout this new phase of her life.

St. Luke’s does not require a referral for this service.

If you have any questions about this program or would like to enroll, contact St. Luke’s Maternal Child Health Care Coordinator at 218.249.3783.

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