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How Drs. Kristina and Jordan Lindholm became physicians and the importance of primary care

For siblings Kristina and Jordan Lindholm, healthcare is more than a profession—it's a family legacy. Growing up in Virginia, Minnesota, their mother was an emergency department nurse. They would often meet her in the cafeteria for lunch, where they admired the bustling hospital and recognized the significance of their mom’s role. It was these early experiences that caused a curiosity for the medical field to take root and a driving force behind their journey to become physicians.

Dr. Kristina Lindholm reflects, “I have always been interested in working closely with people and problem-solving. These interests, combined with my mom’s example and a love of science, led me to medicine.”

Her path inspired younger brother Dr. Jordan Lindholm. “After hearing about my sister’s undergraduate and medical school experiences, I realized medicine was a pathway that aligned with my career interests, too,” he said.

A collaborative journey

In September 2021, Dr. Kristina joined the family medicine team at St. Luke’s Mount Royal Medical Clinic. She’s enjoyed her time there so much, that when Dr. Jordan was exploring potential positions, she recommended that he consider St. Luke’s.

Having previously worked together during their residency, Jordan welcomed the prospect of doing so again. “Transitioning from residency has been a smoother experience, knowing I have her support,” he said. “Working at the same clinic makes it easier to discuss difficult cases and bounce ideas off of each other.”

Both Drs. Kristina and Jordan emphasize the critical role of top-notch primary care in a person’s overall health. Dr. Kristina explained, “That’s why I highly recommended St. Luke’s to Jordan. From the moment patients walk in, they receive the highest level of care, with primary care being a priority, as it should be.”

The importance of primary care

A primary care provider is a doctor, physician assistant or nurse practitioner who has special training in family medicine, internal medicine or pediatrics. They handle everything from acute problems to chronic disease management and preventive care. “Having a primary care provider is a great way to invest in your health and wellbeing,” emphasized Dr. Kristina.

A primary care provider will start by getting to know your story and health history. This way, they can treat any issues you may have, offer personalized recommendations, and refer you to specialists when needed. Ultimately, they will help you reach your health goals and stay healthy long term.

“I enjoy working with patients and watching them take an active role in their care to improve their health,” said Dr. Jordan. Dr. Kristina echoed her brother’s sentiments, adding, “I love listening to patients, problem-solving, determining a treatment plan with them, and seeing them improve.”

In addition to Mount Royal Medical Clinic and various clinics in Duluth, St. Luke’s extends primary care services across the region. Clinics are in Hermantown, Mountain Iron, Hibbing, Two Harbors, Silver Bay, Superior and Ashland. Scheduling appointments is more convenient than ever, with more appointment availability, extended phone answering from 7 am to 5:30 pm, and reduced phone wait times.

More than a patient at St. Luke's

At St. Luke’s, primary care goes beyond the conventional approach of merely treating symptoms or preventing health issues. There’s a commitment to developing meaningful relationships where patients feel seen, heard and fully understood for who they are.

Dr. Kristina attests to this holistic approach. “Working at St. Luke’s has allowed me to become the type of physician I envisioned. I am motivated by the relationships I develop with patients over time and supporting them during all the stages of their life.” Her brother agreed, adding, “At St. Luke’s, we truly do put The Patient. Above All Else.”

This patient-centered model at St. Luke’s ensures that healthcare is not a transaction but a journey, where physicians like Drs. Jordan and Kristina are dedicated to understanding the unique stories and needs of everyone. This personalized and empathetic approach that sets St. Luke’s apart. It creates an environment where patients experience comprehensive care that extends beyond the reasons that bring them there.

To schedule an appointment at a primary care clinic, call today. St. Luke’s has great availability and will get you in quickly. If you want to establish care, call 218.249.4000 or request an appointment online at

This article was originally featured on pages 30 & 31 in the January-February 2024 issue of The Woman Today magazine.