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Dr. Udland, Pediatric Hospitalist

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“I can't imagine being a doctor without being a mom,” said Dr. Carley Udland, mother of three and pediatric hospitalist at St. Luke’s. “When I had my first, I wasn’t even in medical school yet. So, I remember what it’s like, feeling both the sheer joy and panic of becoming a parent for the first time!”

St. Luke’s team of pediatric hospitalists offer 24/7 care for babies, kids and teens who are in the hospital. Dr. Udland and her colleagues see patients in St. Luke’s Birthing Center, Specialized Care Nursery and Pediatric Inpatient Unit. “We provide a high level of pediatric care right here in Duluth,” said Dr. Udland. “That means families don’t have to make the trip all the way to the Cities.”

While caring for kids who aren’t feeling well can be challenging, Dr. Udland is often inspired by their positivity and resilience. “I’ve seen kids go through some tough things,” she said. “But they’re still kids. They’re still silly, they still have smiles on their faces. And at St. Luke’s we’ll do anything we can to make those smiles a little bigger.”

Thank you, Dr. Udland, for caring for some of our community’s tiniest patients with compassionate excellence!

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