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Clarissa, Nursing Assistant, Cardiac Inpatient Unit

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“St. Luke’s has such a family feel,” said St. Luke’s Nursing Assistant Clarissa. “Everyone smiles and says ‘hello’ when you walk down the halls. People are friendly and warm.”

Clarissa works in St. Luke’s Cardiac Inpatient Unit. She helps care for patients by doing things like assisting with walking, bathing and connecting them to monitors. Clarissa and the other nursing assistants on her unit also help in other areas of the hospital when needed. “We do all this with a smile, happy to help support our coworkers,” she said.

In Clarissa’s opinion, teamwork and compassion are crucial on an inpatient unit. “You can’t care for patients alone – it takes a whole team. And genuine concern for people must be the motivating factor. That’s what we have at St. Luke’s.”

Thank you, Clarissa, for being part of the St. Luke’s family!

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