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Participants of Groundbreaking COVID-19 Study Gather at St. Luke’s

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St. Luke's RECOVER Study PhotoMore than 150 of the 600 participants in the CDC’s national RECOVER study were able to gather at St. Luke’s for a photo to commemorate their contribution to the study.

St. Luke’s is one of six healthcare organizations that are participating in the study. Infectious Disease Specialist Dr. Harmony Tyner is the principal investigator at St. Luke’s and the study is being managed by St. Luke’s research department, the Whiteside Institute for Clinical Research. The goal is to learn how COVID-19 moves through populations.

Participants began enrolling in the study in September 2020. This group includes vaccinated and unvaccinated healthcare workers, first responders and essential workers. They are tested every week to see if they have the COVID-19 virus, and have their blood drawn every three months to see if they have developed antibodies against it.

Thanks to the study’s participants, researchers have learned volumes. The data collected has resulted in at least seven papers, with several more in the works. These papers have been published in major journals like the New England Journal of Medicine. The data has also influenced national policy decisions about masking and vaccination. As new questions arise, data from the study will help provide answers.

“It seems the more that is learned, the more there remains to be answered,” Dr. Tyner said. “Thankfully, we have a committed group of participants who are providing those answers through their regular contributions to the data. The study is only successful because of the diligent involvement of the participants, and ours are exceptional!”

New participants are always needed. All essential or frontline workers who are 18+ are welcome to participate. If you are interested, you are invited to contact the RECOVER team at