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Dana, Business Office Coordinator

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“Even after 28 years, I still like my job,” said Dana, Business Office Coordinator at St. Luke’s Mount Royal Medical Clinic. “St. Luke’s is warm and personal. I love my clinic and the people I work with.”

Dana’s main task is billing. However, she is always happy to lend a hand to her colleagues. She feels that this is a key part of St. Luke’s culture. “We have each other’s backs here,” she said. “If I can tell that our lab staff or medical assistants are really busy, I’ll see how I can help. I’m also always ready with a joke or a piece of candy!”

Over the years, Dana has grown close to what she calls her work family. She’s also enjoyed building relationships with patients. “We really do love our patients,” she said. “Seeing the same people for years, you really get a chance to know them and be part of their lives. I’ve watched kids grow up and then bring their own kids in! It’s a really cool thing to be a part of.”

Thank you, Dana, for all you do to make St. Luke’s Mount Royal Medical Clinic so welcoming!

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