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The Benefits of Stretching

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How regular stretching improves your health

Stretching is more than just a good thing to do before or after a workout. It can actually play a big role in supporting your overall mental and physical health. Below are some specific ways regular stretching can benefit you.

Increased flexibility and range of motion

Tight muscles can lead to stiffness and limited joint movement, making you more prone to injuries and complications. In order to sustain the health and structure of your joints, it’s important to cultivate a full range of motion. Dynamic stretching helps loosen your joints and warm up the muscles around them, allowing your joints to pass through their full range of motion with ease.

Reduce your risk of injury

If you properly warm up your muscles before physical activity and even before you start your day, you are effectively reducing your risk of an orthopedic injury. When your muscles are warm and lengthened, your movements become more fluid and are less likely to cause sprains and strains.

Reduce pain-causing inflammation

For those living with arthritic conditions, stretching regularly can help reduce the pain-causing inflammation that affects their joints. Studies have shown that stretching and physical activity can help manage the pain associated with arthritic conditions and even prevent them altogether.

Reduce stress

Introducing dynamic stretching like yoga into your daily routine can help naturally ease and reduce feelings of anxiety and depression. Studies have shown that dynamic stretching helps lessen a person’s stress response.

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