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Da Vinci-Style Minimalism

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Da Vinci is a registered trademark of Intuitive Surgical, Inc.

For physicians like Dr. Thomas O'ConnorAspirus St. Luke's Urology Associates, and Dr. Susan Goltz, St. Luke’s Obstetrics & Gynecology, the da Vinci® Surgical System isn't just a sophisticated tool for performing minimally invasive surgery; it's a game changer.

With over six years of da Vinci® experience, Dr. O'Connor has a passion for the technology. After introducing the robot-assisted surgical system to his colleagues, the team quickly adopted it as the standard of care for certain complex procedures. "Because the da Vinci allows us to view the surgical site from a magnified, 3-D perspective, it gives us greater precision, flexibility and control throughout the surgery," he says. "But even more important is how the technology benefits the patient." Even highly complicated procedures involving the kidneys, bladder or prostate produce less pain, blood loss and scarring, fewer complications, and a shorter recovery period, he says.

Dr. Goltz cites similar benefits for her OB/GYN patients. "In the past, the primary way to access the uterus and surrounding anatomy was to create a large incision," she says. "In addition to causing significant discomfort, that approach usually required a long period of recuperation." For complex hysterectomies and selected gynecologic procedures, Dr. Goltz believes that the da Vinci is the most effective and least invasive treatment option available today.

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Da Vinci is a registered trademark of Intuitive Surgical, Inc.