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Aspirus St. Luke’s Clinic - Duluth - Genetic Counseling

A genetic counselor caring for you

At Aspirus St. Luke’s Clinic - Duluth - Genetic Counseling (formerly St. Luke’s Genetic Counseling), we take care of analyzing your genetics to help you understand your health better.  

Genetic counseling is a medical service for people who might have a genetic predisposition to certain diseases or conditions. Variations in certain genes can increase a person’s risk of developing them. 

Meet Our Genetic Counselor

What we offer

Genetic counselors use their extensive training in genetics to figure out what patients are at risk and what testing would be helpful. People with the following could consider genetic counseling:

  • Family or personal history of cancer
  • Plans to become pregnant or currently pregnant
  • Family history of a known genetic condition
  • Physical differences, especially when paired with other medical issues (unique facial characteristics, birth defects, growth differences)
  • Polycystic kidney disease
  • Early-onset diseases that for most people happen later in life (like hearing loss)
  • A personal history of multiple uncommon health concerns
  • Moderate to severe intellectual disability

Our genetics counselor will make expert recommendations to guide treatments and medical decisions.

This service does not require a referral. To see if your insurance company requires one, call the number on your card.

Available services:

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This clinic is located in the Lakeview Building. For parking information, visit If you need assistance, call 218.249.4940. 

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