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What to Expect

Treatment plans for wound care

St. Luke’s Advanced Wound Care & Hyperbaric Center is committed to the treatment of chronic, non-healing wounds. With our caring staff and treatment plans developed just for you, we have what you need to be the healthiest version of yourself.

What happens at my first appointment?
Your first appointment will include a full assessment. This will help us determine:

  • The cause of your wound
  • The appropriate classification and size of your wound
  • Your overall health status

Based on this evaluation, a customized treatment plan will be developed.

What does a customized treatment plan look like?
Because treatments are customized, every plan will look different. You can expect to be seen weekly. Plan one hour for each appointment. If you’re able, you can drive yourself. Your wound will be assessed at each visit.

Will I get instructions on how to care for my wound at home?
Yes. We will teach you how to care for your wound between visits, as well as how to protect your wound from further injury.

As we work with you, remember that you are the most important part of your healing process. Keeping appointments and following directions will lead to the best possible outcome.

Who will be on my care team?
The Center has a team of healthcare professionals, including:

  • Physicians with advanced training in wound management and hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBO)
  • Nursing staff trained in the care of chronic wounds
  • Experienced staff to assist with appointments, medical records and health insurance processing