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Aspirus St. Luke's Launches Blue Band Project to Help Patients at Risk for Hypertension or Preeclampsia During & After Pregnancy

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St. Luke’s is partnering with the Minnesota Perinatal Quality Collaborative (MNPQC) on the Blue Band Project. This initiative aims to help obstetric patients who are at risk for hypertension and preeclampsia during and after pregnancy.

As part of this initiative, obstetric care providers will screen pregnant and postpartum patients at St. Luke’s to determine current and future risk factors for hypertension and preeclampsia. If they are at risk, patients will be given a blue band to wear. The band signifies that the patient has been diagnosed with hypertension or preeclampsia. This is especially helpful for unplanned visits to urgent care or the emergency department.

“This is such an important effort for women to help ensure their safety,” St. Luke’s Maternal Child Health Staff Development Facilitator Stephanie Jahn said. “It lets their care team know that they are at risk and decreases the likelihood of a negative health outcome.”

Healthcare professionals should be aware of what these blue bands signify. In addition, patients are encouraged to alert their healthcare providers of the risk, and the blue band serves as a visual reminder for them. St. Luke’s is working to educate Emergency Medical Services about this project.

Once a blue band is given to a patient, they will wear it during their pregnancy and for six weeks post-partum. When they are no longer at risk, their provider will notify them that they may remove the band.

Visit for more information on the Blue Band Project.