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How Physical Therapy Helps Injury Recovery

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Physical Therapy and the Recovery Process

If you're dealing with an injury, a physical therapist can help get you back on your feet. Here are three ways physical therapy (PT) can help to support a healthy recovery.

1. Pain management

There are a lot of benefits that come with PT, and one of those is pain management. A physical therapist can help to find the root cause of your discomfort and provide relief through a combination of the following:

2. Mobility improvement

If an area of your body hurts, it’s normal to resist moving it. Unfortunately, this can cause stiffness and negatively impact your mobility as you recover from an injury. A physical therapist can help by developing an exercise or stretching plan that maintains your range of motion while promoting healthy healing.

3. Dealing with scar tissue

When skin, muscles, tendons or ligaments are injured, the body will attempt to heal itself. This can result in improperly formed scar tissue, which can cause pain and limit your range of motion. However, through massage or other manual therapies, a physical therapist can “remodel” scar tissue, which helps align the collagen fibers and allow them to return to normal.

Physical Therapy Services in Duluth, Minnesota

While many people push through their aches and pains every day, you shouldn't have to. At St. Luke's Physical Therapy, our board-certified therapists who work at convenient locationsthroughout the region will work with you to develop individualized treatment plans that are specific to your needs and goals, helping you to get back to your routine.

To learn more about St. Luke's physical therapy services or establish care with a provider, visit our website.