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EMS Thank You

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RTC EMFIt’s National EMS Week, which gives everyone across the Northland and across the country a reason to stop and consider just how vital a role EMS practitioners play in caring for people in need.

At St. Luke’s, we see it every day. We see it in the way you work with us to provide care in the best interest of the patient. We see it in the way you invest yourselves and put your lives on the line for complete strangers. We see it in the long hours you put in, and the commitment you make to continual training.

In short, I speak for all of us at St. Luke’s when I say: We don’t need a week to thank you. We are thankful for who you are and what you do every single day of the year. You are an extension of our health system, the front line in how we engage with our population, and a crucial part of our continuum of care.

So, from all of us at St. Luke’s, thank you.