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Thank You from Tony

Category: Patient Stories
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St. Luke's HospitalSt. Luke's received this letter from Tony:

As we age, time becomes extremely important and most of us have medical appointments and we just hope there isn't a built-in wait time. I had an annual appointment for an ultrasound, which was scheduled for me automatically and I did not have to remember to make the appointment.

After registering, the receptionist explained to me that they were running a bit behind schedule in the ultrasound department as someone missed an appointment and came in late and wanted service. A few minutes later, a nurse explained the situation again, apologized and assured me that I would be called soon and my doctor would be informed of the delay.

I was relieved when the receptionist explained the situation and the nurse assured me I would be taken soon and the proper notification would be made to my doctor for me. Then, two nurse technicians showed up, took me in and finished in time for me to make my ORIGINAL doctor's appointment. I was impressed with their efficiency and apologies for the delay—they sure made up time and I left with good thoughts, one being, I must take the time to let St. Luke's know how much I appreciate their efficiency and the attention they paid to me in keeping me informed. My most sincere thanks to your employees!