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Thank You from Bill

Category: Patient Stories
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St. Luke's BuildingSt. Luke's received this letter from Bill in Cornucopia, Wisconsin:

For the last several weeks, I have been on a very successful medical adventure with St. Luke's. My appreciation for St. Luke's begins with Dr. Cunningham and the entire staff at Chequamegon Clinic. For the past 15 years, they have shepherded my wife and me through all manner of clinical and geriatric adventures. This is how I happened to be in St. Luke's, recovering from successful neurosurgery when I needed emergency surgery on my large intestine. For the following weeks, my recovery was masterful.

What is truly remarkable in all of this is the nearly universal excellence of every encounter I had throughout my time in St. Luke's. What was unique, to my mind, is that virtually EVERYONE-from medical staff through food service, OR, housekeeping, administration, labs, radiology and ER-was positive, enthusiastic, professional, empathetic and wholly focused on my wellbeing. So while the Patient Outcome was excellent, Patient Satisfaction was off the charts!

While my keenest appreciation is for all the amazing people who tended me with such great care and concern, I also wanted to thank the leadership that fosters an environment that allows it to be so. During my stay, in thoughtful conversations with doctors, nurses and staff, it became clear that St. Luke's remains dedicated to a patient-focused plan instead of a business plan. I am in a position to know how difficult that is to maintain and how difficult it is to bring everyone to that standard. I am also in a position to know that this is because of excellent leadership at every level.

Congratulations on being the best regional hospital. And thank you for giving me back my life in such a splendid fashion.