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Weight Loss Essentials

Weight Loss Essentials is St. Luke’s comprehensive approach to weight management options. We believe that within everyone lies an opportunity to live healthier and reduce the impact extra weight can have on one's physical and emotional health.

We understand weight loss and management is never easy. We also know that each person is an individual with individual concerns, needs and situations. That is why we offer distinct options to help you lose and manage your weight.

Medical weight management

Our specially trained physician and staff work one-on-one with people who would like to learn how to lose or manage their weight through diet and exercise and with drug therapy if indicated. James Donovan, MD of Miller Creek Medical Clinic helps patients understand the connection between food and exercise and the role medications can play in a comprehensive weight loss program.

Surgical weight loss

For individuals who meet medical criteria, Jay Lenz, MD of St. Luke’s Pavilion Surgical Associates offers gastric bypass surgery, gastric banding surgery and more. Dr. Lenz and the clinic staff help qualified individuals to discover lifestyle changes that may accompany weight loss with the assistance of surgery.

Weight Loss Surgery Informational Sessions

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