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Medical Staff

Clinic Manager:
Lucas Johnson

Director, Clinic Operations:
Kim Terhaar

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Treating the Person, Not Just the Disease

Our board-certified medical oncology and hematology physicians work with a highly trained and certified staff to provide the best possible patient care. They are committed to the needs of oncology and hematology patients from diagnosis through treatment. The close proximity of services at St. Luke's supports the team approach that we believe is essential in caring for cancer patients. In addition we work closely with St. Luke's Regional breast Center to support specialized counseling, education and diagnostic and support services for patients with breast cancer.

Philosophy of Care

The human response to a diagnosis of cancer is not just physical. While a competent, caring physician is invaluable, truly comprehensive care recognizes the emotional, spiritual, psychological and physical needs of patients and their loved ones. St. Luke's Oncology and Hematology Associates seek to provide this interdisciplinary support to you and your family from the time of diagnosis through survivorship. And, most importantly, you'll be treated with compassion and your unique individual needs will be recognized.

Conditions and Treatments

We diagnose and treat patients with cancer, as well as a range of hematological diseases. Treatments arranged through St. Luke's Cancer Center include: chemotherapy, infusion therapy and radiation therapy.

St. Luke's is committed to helping find new and better ways to help cancer patients. One way to do that is through research. Clinical trials are studies designed to answer scientific questions and help us learn whether a promising new treatment is safe and effective for people who have cancer. Clinical trials test new drugs or timelines for standard drugs. They also are used to test new ways to treat symptoms or prevent the disease. Trials must be approved according to the National Institute of Health guidelines before they can be used on patients. You may be asked to participate in a clinical trial as part of your treatment. The decision to participate is up to you. All of our clinical trial research is conducted through the Whiteside Institute for Clinical Research at St. Luke's.

Cancer can bring tremendous changes to your life. St. Luke's is concerned with your physical and emotional wellbeing. Support services available to assist patients and their families include:

  • Social Services
  • Counseling and Support
  • Spiritual/Pastoral Care
  • Nutrition Assessment and Support
  • Home Health/Hospice
  • Physical Therapy

Patient Resources

American Cancer Society -
National Cancer Institute -
Coalition of Cancer Cooperative Groups -
US National Institute of Health - Clinical Trials -

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