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St. Luke's Contact Information

St. Luke's

Phone: 218.249.5555 or 800.321.3790

Human Resources

Phone: 218.249.5387


Melissa Burlaga
Phone: 218.249.2988
Cell: 218.391.0037

Patient Advocate

Phone: 218.249.5400

Patient Portal

Helpdesk* (answered 24 hours a day, seven days a week)
Phone: 218.249.6400
Clinic Patient Portal

* Helpdesk is for technical issues regarding the Patient Portal. For medical questions, please contact your clinic or, if there is a medical emergency, call 911.

St. Luke's Vendor Program

St. Luke's Vendor Program website

Lake View Contact Information

Lake View

Phone: 218.834.7300
Fax: 218.834.7388


Stephanie Bartek
Phone: 218.249.2988
Cell: 218.391.0037

218.249.5555 | 800.321.3790

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