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Getting the Most Out of Your Massage

Arrive early. The time you’re scheduled for is the time your massage therapist would like you on the table, ready to go. Your consult and undressing time will happen before this scheduled time. You may not be able to receive your full treatment session if you are late, or if you show up right on time.

Be clean and odor-free. Please bathe prior to your appointment. If there are any dirty areas on your body, they will be skipped during the massage. Be aware that wearing sandals to your appointment will likely result in dirty feet. In addition, don’t wear perfume, cologne or other scented products to your appointment.

Skip your regular makeup routine. For most massages, you will be lying face-down with your face on a pillow. If you wear makeup, it will rub off or get smeared around your face. There are estheticians available in our medical spa to apply our line of GLO skin and beauty products after your massage, if you book that along with your massage session. If you wear lash extensions, it's best to book your massage the day before your lash fill.

Speak up! Your massage therapist is intuitive and well-trained, but doesn't know how it feels to be inside your body. For example, the therapist may apply medium pressure, but on your tender areas this may feel too intense. Don’t hesitate to say something! Too much pressure will result in a "guarding reflex" and your muscles will tense. If you are uncomfortable with any part of the massage (temperature, pressure, treatment plan), tell your therapist. They are there to give you the best possible experience and will be happy to adjust.

Drink water. Arrive well hydrated and drink extra water following your session. Massage therapy moves toxins from your tissues, and drinking water will help flush them away. Not drinking enough water will allow the toxins to reabsorb into your body and you will feel "hung over" the next day.

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