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Getting the Most Out of Your Massage

Arrive early. Arriving a few minutes early to your appointment is encouraged and appreciated. Arriving late for you appointment can possibly lessen the time the therapist is able to work on you.

Communication is key. We want you to get the most out of your massage, and the key to that is communication. Whether you are receiving relaxation or deep tissue massage, if you are not satisfied with the pressure, let the therapist know. Communicating problem areas before the massage can help your therapist focus on the area causing discomfort and know which muscles to focus on. If you are uncomfortable at any time during the massage, please inform the therapist. We appreciate all feedback!

Drink water. Being well hydrated before a massage allows the muscles to respond to the manipulation of soft tissue more efficiently and improves circulation. Drinking water after the massage flushes the toxins from your body, and if not done, you can be sore after the massage.

Be clean and odor free. Proper hygiene practices before arriving are appreciated. Wear closed-toe shoes to your appointment, as sandals or open-toe shoes can cause your feet to get dirty. The massage therapist retains the right to skip over areas of the body that are unhygienic.

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