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We are greeted by name, with smiles and hugs.

Jon: We love our neighborhood and our community, and for us, the clinic is just an extension of that. When we go in there, we are greeted by name, with smiles and hugs.

I remember as a kid dreading going to the doctor, because it was white coats and sharp needles. Now, I think my kids are even excited when they go to the doctor because they are going to see faces they know.

Erin: We originally picked Mount Royal because it was the nearest clinic to us, but we really feel like we hit the jackpot. We couldn't have picked better if we had put more thought into it.

Whenever we come in, everyone greets us and comes around from the counter. They know our girls and recognize them.

In situations needing immediate care, they pull strings to fit us in with an appointment.

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