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Thank you, Mount Royal. Thanks for being there.

We have been with Mount Royal Medical Clinic since before it was a St. Luke’s clinic. We have had many unusual situations, including caring for aging parents and over 50 foster children. They have always been so very helpful and wonderful to work with. We have been happy not only with their responses to us, but also how they have worked so closely with the medical staff at the University of Minnesota for the 11½ years I have had ovarian cancer.

When my Mount Royal doctor suspected cancer, I was immediately referred to St. Luke’s Obstetrics & Gynecology Associates (formerly Northland OB-GYN). The staff there realized I needed to go to the University of Minnesota for treatment right away. They had my appointment at the U set up before I even left the office.

The staff people at Mount Royal have been champs about making sure that the clinic down in the Cities gets the test results it needs. If my doctor down there says, “This test really needs to happen,” the Mount Royal staff is more than happy to help up here so that I don’t have to make another trip down to the Cities. Thank you, Mount Royal. Thanks for being there.

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