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I felt really well taken care of by the nursing staff, my anesth

As a carpenter, I've put a lot of stress on my joints over the years. Normally there isn't much that slows me down, but when the pain in my knee started bothering me even at night, I knew something was wrong. I live in Wisconsin, so I made an appointment with Dr. Capps at Chequamegon Clinic. The MRI revealed a torn meniscus, so Dr. Capps referred me to Dr. Watkins, a surgeon with St. Luke's Orthopedics & Sports Medicine who also sees patients at Chequamegon, and he confirmed that I would need surgery.

A week later, I was at St. Luke's for my surgery. Before and after the procedure, I felt really well taken care of by the nursing staff, my anesthesiologist and Dr. Watkins. Based on my recovery plan, I knew what to expect, what to avoid and when I could return to work. At my follow-up visit, I met with a physical therapist right down the hall to learn exercises that would help speed up my recovery. Between the surgery and the rehab exercises, my knee is stronger than ever. I thought I'd have to stop downhill skiing and might not recover enough for cross-country skiing, but today I can do both.

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