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Comprehensive Breast Program Nurse Navigators

One major part of St. Luke’s Comprehensive Breast Program are the Nurse Navigators. These registered nurses serve as a primary point of contact and help women every step of the way, from feeling a lump (or whatever breast problem arises), to getting a diagnosis as quickly as possible. They also continue to support women through treatment and beyond with any other breast health need they may have.

Call Amanda Buck, RN, St. Luke’s Comprehensive Breast Program Navigator, at 218.249.2662 if:

  • You are a breast cancer patient with a question or need help with coordination of your care
  • You are worried you may be at high risk for breast cancer

Call Lisa Gasele, RN, St. Luke’s Breast Center Nurse Navigator, at 218.249.5903 if:

  • You need breast imaging
  • You have a new finding in your breast that you are concerned about (nipple discharge, breast pain, breast lump, skin changes to breast, etc.)