2011 Features

Raising the bar
throughout our

From redesigning inpatient dining to adopting innovative surgical technologies, 2011 was shaped by our commitment to continuous improvement.

A New Perspective on Patient Dining

St. Luke’s perspectives dining

"We wanted to offer a truly remarkable inpatient dining experience as personalized as our patient care."

Mark Branovan,
St. Luke’s Hospitality Services Director

A year of research, planning and development paid off with the successful launch of Perspectives Dining, a radical departure from traditional hospital food service programs and the first of its kind in the Northland area. "We wanted to offer a truly remarkable inpatient dining experience as personalized as our patient care," says Mark Branovan, St. Luke’s Hospitality Services Director. What makes Perspectives Dining unique is the program's inherently patient-centered focus. Patients order what they want, when they want it, choosing from a wide selection of fresh, healthful, made-to-order meals and snacks. Orders are delivered within 45 minutes by special Ambassadors.

St. Luke’s also implemented a special health care nutrition software program that cross-references menu items with individual patient needs. “If a patient orders something that exceeds their allotted carbohydrate or fat grams, we can help them find something that fits within their plan,” says Paula Bursch, St. Luke’s Clinical Nutrition & Diabetes Care Supervisor. “With Perspectives Dining, every patient interaction becomes a coaching opportunity.”

Funding for Perspectives Dining is provided in part by
St. Luke’s Foundation.

Art and Science of da Vinci® Technology

St. Luke’s da Vinci Surgery

"We can perform even the most intricate procedures with far less impact on the patient."

Dr. Thomas O’Connor,
St. Luke’s Urology Associates

Minimally invasive surgery, while offering significant advantages over traditional surgery, has not been able to meet the demands of complex urological and gynecological procedures. In 2011, St. Luke’s addressed those limitations with the robot-assisted da Vinci® Surgical System, an innovative technology that produces less post-operative pain, fewer complications, decreased blood loss and shorter recovery periods. And St. Luke’s is one of the few medical centers in the country to offer the da Vinci simulator, a training tool that uses operative scenarios to improve dexterity and skills.

According to Dr. Thomas O'Connor, St. Luke’s Urology Associates, the da Vinci system's magnified, 3-D perspective significantly enhances precision, flexibility and control. "We can perform even the most intricate procedures involving the kidneys, bladder and prostate with far less impact on the patient," he says. Dr. Susan Goltz of Northland OB-GYN Associates is equally enthusiastic. “For complex hysterectomies and selected gynecologic procedures, da Vinci is the most effective, least invasive treatment option available today.”

da Vinci is a registered trademark of Intuitive Surgical, Inc.