St. Luke's Mariner Medical Clinic Certified as a Health Care Home

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St. Luke's Mariner Medical Clinic Certified as a Health Care Home

St. Luke’s Mariner Medical Clinic received official certification as a health care home on January 29. As a health care home, Mariner Medical Clinic staff is focused on a team approach to managing an individual’s health care. A health care home is a team approach to care that gives a patient access to all the services and support he or she needs; it is not a building, nursing home, or home health care. A team of medical professionals, relatives, friends, and other members will help coordinate care, assist with accessibility to specialty services and community resources, and arrange additional support, if needed.

In a health care home, a patient continues ongoing care with a primary care provider and that provider partners with other medical specialists and connects patients to other health care services, support networks, and community services. “We are focused on the person’s entire well-being rather than a specific part or issue,” said Charlotte DeRosia, Mariner Medical Clinic manager. “Our health care team works together to create an individualized plan based on the patient’s unique needs.”

There are many benefits of a health care home including:

  • Patient is the central and a valued health care team member
  • Coordinated care based on specific needs
  • Arranged specialty care and community services
  • Improved ability to communicate and schedule appointments with the health care team

To learn more about Mariner Medical Clinic’s health care home, contact Aaryn Ackley, Care Coordinator, at 715.395.3932 or

BELOW: Charlotte DeRosia, St. Luke's Mariner Medical Clinic manager

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