St. Luke's Celebrates New Surgical & Procedural Care Expansion

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St. Luke's Celebrates New Surgical & Procedural Care Expansion

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St. Luke’s celebrated its $22.5 million new surgical expansion with an open house and ribbon cutting ceremony on August 5. Over one thousand people from throughout the area attended and received behind the scenes tours. The expansion, located in Building A at 1012 East Second Street, combines state-of-the-art technology with exceptional medical professionals. “This high-tech facility is the future of St. Luke’s and will dramatically improve the way we deliver health care today, as well as be adaptable in the future with the always-evolving health care landscape,” explained John Strange, St. Luke’s President/CEO.

The expansive 36,000 square foot Surgical & Procedural Care area is the top surgical space in the Northland and one of the best in the country. The surgical expansion design was carefully researched by a St. Luke’s team that travelled to some of the newest and most technologically advanced surgical spaces in the country. “Each decision in the Surgical & Procedural Care area was designed with one goal: to deliver an experience that transforms lives,” said Toni Schultz, St. Luke’s director of surgical services. “From free parking to bedside registration to multi-million dollar technology, each decision was made with the patient in mind.”

A variety of specialists will be using the surgical space including general surgeons, interventional radiologists, gastroenterologists and cardiologists among others. Procedures in the new surgical space will range from colonoscopies, minimally invasive surgeries such as hysterectomies to endovascular procedures and open surgeries.

Features of the new surgical space include:

  • 42 private pre-op and post-op patient rooms with the opportunity for family to be with the patient before and after surgery
  • Bedside registration
  • Cutting-edge hybrid operating room
  • 4 universal operating rooms
  • 1 special procedures room
  • 4 endoscopy rooms
  • Enclosed heated parking
  • First Perk coffee shop by Valentini’s

The hybrid operating room allows critically ill and severely injured patients to have all services in one place and will reduce the risk of complication during transport. “Our hybrid operating room is spacious enough to fit the technology and medical expertise required for the most complex cases,” explained Dr. Scott Mikesell, St. Luke’s interventional cardiologist. “The hybrid operating room allows for collaborative team efforts, where multiple specialists can work together on one patient at the same time.”

St. Luke’s will continue to provide exceptional care to its patients and people can stay close to home while receiving quality health care. “We know that family and friends play a very important role during a patient’s healing process. Simply put, patients want to be with their loved ones when recovering from surgery,” said Schultz. The Surgical & Procedural Care area was carefully planned to allow patients to be close to their loved ones through surgery and recovery.

Patients who have had surgery before have come to the hospital but now all surgeries and procedures patients should come to Building A to register. There is free and convenient parking next to the building.

BELOW: St. Luke’s Director of Surgical Services Toni Schultz cuts the ribbon celebrating the new Surgical & Procedural Care expansion

BELOW: St. Luke's Surgical & Procedural Care Reception Desk

BELOW: CEO/President John Strange spoke about the importance of the patient and family experience

BELOW: Hundreds of people attended the ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate the Surgical & Procedural Care expansion

BELOW: Attendees received behind the scenes tour of the facility

BELOW: The state-of-the-art hybrid operating room

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