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Heart to Heart: St. Luke’s marks 2,500 open heart surgeries with Dr. Boylan at the helm

Published in The Woman Today magazine, February-March 2019 Issue “Every patient has a story,” said Dr. Mary Boylan as she considered the thousands of hearts she’s operated on in the past 23 years. As St. Luke’s first on-staff ...

Finding the Courage to Change: Local actor shares his health story to help others

Published in Moms & Dads Today magazine, January-February 2019 Issue Everyone knows what it’s like to put something off. However, when left unchecked, something small can become a huge problem. This is especially true when it comes to your ...

A Journey of Recovery at St. Luke’s Chequamegon Clinic

Published in Bottom Line News and Views, January 2019 issue After years of pain, Rhonda Sundberg knew it was time to have her second knee replaced. “I was stiff, dealing with arthritis and trying to manage it with medication,” said ...

Aches and Pains Above the Neck? It could be TMD

Published in Duluthian Magazine, January-February 2019 Issue Headaches, ear pain, neck pain and even vertigo can all become a problem when the jaw is not functioning properly. Designed to act like a hinge, the jaw is connected to the skull on either ...

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